What We Do

At Aurelian we create organic, high-powered CBD wellness products that help you live in your most confident, calm, and balanced state.
Aurelian 2 tincture on red stool

Why We Do It

We believe that everyone deserves to live fully. We also believe in the effectiveness of high quality CBD to do that. That's why we design dynamic products with the purest, cleanest ingredients. 

 man and woman applying Palo Santo to their necks

Who We Are

I'm Nick Hoge, and I founded Aurelian in 2019. About 10 years ago, in my early twenties, I had my first panic attack which came out of no where, a total surprise, and was one of the most frightening things I'd ever experienced. Fast forward a decade, after having mixed results with anti-depressants, anxiety meds, and therapy, when I discovered CBD. It helped almost immediately and brought with it a feeling of calm and well-being. I began to learn more about what made certain CBD products better than others, and I also experienced the differences first-hand.

That finally brought me down the path to discovering organically sourced, full spectrum CBD formulas, that came from clean soil and were completely sun-grown. The difference I felt was palpable. My life began to have an ease and fluidity that was pretty amazing. Like many of you, I was frustrated by the fact that it was hard to know which CBD products were good and legitimate, and many of the current brands had messaging or branding that weren't very appealing.

I thought back to that moment when I had that first panic attack, feeling scared and humiliated, and I thought to myself - nobody should have to feel that way. I saw an opportunity to create a brand that I wish had existed then - one that felt accessible to both men and women, had a sense of inspiration and lifestyle appeal, and that offered organically sourced, quality products that really worked. 

At Aurelian, if we can help you to feel the healthiest and happiest in your body and mind, day in and day out, well then that really, truly makes it all worth it. 

Nick Hoge Aurelian Life founder